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If you are looking for high-quality bicycles, visit The Kickstand in Sturgis, MI. Whether you are a casual biker or a hardcore cyclist, we have the right bike for you.


Mountain biking is a popular sport that involves off-road cycling. Often, the terrain is rough, so cyclists use specially designed mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are similar to other bikes, but have enhanced durability and performance on uneven ground.


Also known as beach cruisers, they feature balloon tires, an upright riding position, and a single or multi-speed drivetrain. All of these components are combined using a steel or aluminum construction with expressive styling.

Because cruiser bikes are stable and easy to ride, they are popular among casual cyclists and vacationers. Cruisers are designed for the beach, paved roads, and trails, and are ideal for moderate speeds and distances.


Hybrid bicycles are general-purpose, multi-speed, with upright riding position, bikes that combine the characteristics of road bikes, mountain bikes, and touring bikes. This makes hybrid bikes popular among novice cyclists, commuters, and casual riders.


Comfort bikes are a subclass of the hybrid category. Comfort bikes sometimes feature front suspension forks and seat post suspension with plush saddles. Comfort bikes also have angled handlebars that are easy to reach while riding upright.


This type of bike is specifically designed to help children learn how to ride a bike. Juvenile bikes are smaller than traditional bicycles and can be fitted with training wheels.

Trailer Bikes

Trailer bikes are a great option for riding with older kids. A trailer bike consists of handlebars, a seat, pedals, and a wheel that attached to the back of a standard adult bike. This allows the kid to get involved in the ride while remaining safely attached to the adult bike. Unlike the stroker (back) seat on a traditional tandem, a kid on the trailer bike is not required to pedal along with the adult rider in front, so trailer bikes are great for families wanting to go farther than little legs can handle on their own. All in all, trailer cycles are a wonderfully versatile option for kids who have moved beyond the bike trailer or child seat, but who aren't quite ready to ride solo all the time. 

Bicycle Motocross (BMX)

Originally used for BMX racing, BMX bikes are now used to encompass race bikes. BMX bikes also include bicycles that are used in dirt, vertical, park, street, flatland, and other types of freestyle riding.

The frames of BMX bikes are made of different kinds of steel. For racing bikes, aluminum is often used.

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