Cyclocross is one of the most fun and exciting aspects of the biking community. These grueling courses combine features of street racing, mountain biking, and running. Participants can expect to travel over harsh terrain during the length of the course. Riders will also be forced to carry their bike around, or even over, a number of barriers such as steep hills, rocky terrain, or thick mud.

Cyclocross normally begins in the fall season and with races continuing through the winter. Cyclocross culminates in late January with the World Championship. Races last for a specific set of time, rather than a number of laps. For professional riders, races may last up to 60 minutes. For beginners, races can last up to 45 minutes.

For new riders, cyclocross offers an intense full-body workout in an exciting, pulse pounding atmosphere. Riders with control, speed, power, finesse, and a little luck can often stand out in races as they deal with the harsh conditions and obstacles normally associated with cyclocross.

The excitement of this highly competitive sport has become a spectacle that is enjoyed the world over. Every year the interest in Cyclocross increases in the United States, and already has an extremely strong following in Europe.