What Type of Bike Do You Need?

With dozens of bikes to choose from, how can you know the type of bike that is right for your style? The Kickstand in Sturgis, MI has helped thousands of our customers find the bike that is right for them, and we can help you too! Stop by today to get fitted for the right bike. Remember a properly fitted bike is more important than the look or price.

To ensure that we help you select the right bike, it’s important to consider the reasons you ride. Every rider is unique, and with dozens of bike features to choose from we’re sure we can find the right bike for you!

Types of Available Bikes

Road Bikes

Road bikes are designed for speed on long, flat paved areas. They are great for daily commuting through the city or for advanced riders interested in marathon biking.

Mountain Bikes

Enjoy the road less traveled with our selection of mountain bikes. Perfect for off-road travel, mountain bikes provide riders with unmatched control and comfort.

Cyclecross Bike

Designed specifically for cyclocross racing, these bikes combine the performance of road and mountain bikes. They’re excellent for fitness, off-roading, and flat pavement

Comfort Bikes

For casual riders that are looking for a comfortable ride through well-traveled bike paths and paved terrain, our line of comfort bikes are perfect. Wider tires make for easier control and comfort.

Cruiser Bike

Classically designed, cruisers are perfect for short trips on paved terrain. They are designed with comfort in mind. Cruisers were popular from 1930-1950, but have recently seen in resurgence in popularity.


Recumbent bikes are a unique innovation to biking. They sit very low to the ground, but offer unparalleled speed. Keep in mind that there can be sub-categories of bicycles within these categories. For example, there are road bikes that are specifically built for triathlons, and mountain bikes designed for jumping.

Buyer’s Guide to Mountain Bikes

Anatomy of a Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes offer riders a huge range of versatility. They are perfect for long rides over dirt paths, but newer riders can enjoy leisurely trips on flat pavement. Depending on your size, experience, and budget the features of a mountain bike can vary.


The drivetrain for mountain bikes are made up of all the parts and gears that propel the bike as you pedal. By switching between gears riders can control the speed and torque as you pedal, giving you control while traversing difficult terrain


Ensuring that your bike has properly inflated wheels is important for maintaining control and speed. When purchasing wheels for your bike consider what kind of performance and control you’re looking for.


Disc brakes, installed on today’s mountain bikes, offer the rider a variety of maintenance and performance advantages. Disc brakes are easy to clean, and they can support any tire width.


- Depending on the terrain you are riding a suspension system can be a much needed accessory to your mountain bike to improve both comfort and safety

Buyer’s Guide to Road Bikes

Used primarily on paved roads, road bikes are designed to be lightweight and to limit air resistance.

Anatomy of a Road Bike


Similar to mountain bikes, the drivetrain on a road bike helps the rider with control as they traverse the road.


- In order to maintain speed and lower surface traction, road bike tires often have smaller tire width and increased tire pressure.


Caliper and disc brakes offer certain advantages and disadvantages to riders. Caliper brakes are easier to maintain, but prolonged use can distort or damage your rim or tire. Disc brakes offer riders improved control for stopping.

Bike Frame Materials

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

Additional Tips

  • Having a proper fit is more important than the price. No matter how nice the bicycle looks, it will be uncomfortable if it doesn't fit you properly.
  • Buy once. It's almost always more economical to get all of the components you want than to upgrade later.
  • Keep in mind that you will need some accessories before you ride. These include a water bottle and cage, a new helmet, and a bike computer.

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